Thursday, February 21, 2013

Arrival in Tokyo - February 12, 2013

Well Japan's pretty cool. I got in tuesday evening, President Budge picked us up from the airport and Sister Budge made soup and salad for dinnner. They seem pretty awesome. The next day we had a little orientation in the mission home and we met the trainers. Then after a while they assigned us our trainers and areas. My trainer is Elder Lloyd, and he was actually MTC companions with Zach. I'm in the Koiwa area, which is right on the outskirts of Tokyo. We have Tokyo Disney Land, Sky Tree, and some other landmarks in our area. I'll make sure to take pictures. The roads are tiny and confusing so I have no idea where I'm going ever I just follow Elder Lloyd around.
The Japanese is killer, I barely understand anything and can't really say much outside of lessons, and can't understand what the investigators are saying in our lessons so Elder Lloyd usually translates a bit. It'll come with patience though. We only have a couple investigators right now and we can only meet them about once a week or so, so we spend a bit of time on the streets too. Apparently they used to have appointments all day every day but nobody was really progressing and they were all just king of looking to "hang out with the Americans" so they dropped a lot before I got here. I've helped teach Eikaiwa (English conversation class) twice so far and it looks like we might have a new investigator from there. She hasn't asked us to give her the lessons but I think she's planning on coming to church next week. And last night we talked to a 21 year old guy on the street for quite a while. Apparently the most contact with religion he's had is from video games like Devil May Cry and Diablo, but because of those he's interested in what we actually believe. He didn't take a Book of Mormon but said he wants to come to Ping Pong night at the church tonight and that he might take one then. We'll see how interested he actually is. Haven't bought my bike yet but I should today.  Well my ward seems pretty awesome, one of the largest in Japan with 140 members or so. 10 baptisms last year. A lot of them speak some english too so I was able to talk to a few a bit, although I say what I can in Japanese. Well.... I guess I'll talk to you all next week! I get 90 minutes to email on Pdays here (way more than the MTC).

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