Wednesday, January 23, 2013

3 Weeks Left Before Departure

Well It's been a pretty awesome week. Elder Holland came and gave a devotional last Tuesday and it was really motivational. He also gave a dedicatory prayer for 3 buildings that recently were rennovated. I am finally getting a little bored of the MTC, and I'm looking forward to going to Japan already. It's soon though! We had a group of Japanese missionaries come in yesterday who will leave to the field the same time as us. Its been both encouraging to see how much we are able to communicate and its also discouraging to see how much I can't communicate, if that makes sense. It will come with time though and it's good that I don't get too confident or else I won't learn as much.
A couple of these Japanese missionaries have really cool conversion stories.
The first: Elder Chiba, had an LDS friend he was in Jr High school with, and he was going to go to a different High school on a baseball scholarship, but ended up breaking his shoulder. Because of that he went to the same high school as his LDS friend, and after 4 years of investigating was baptized. He said he didn't really belief the story of the First Vision, but after reading the Book of Mormon (Morumon Sho) and following up on Moroni's promise in Moroni 10:3-5 he knew that it was true.
The Second: Elder Onizuka, lived in Tokyo and was an orphan. The missionaries tried to talk to him on the street and he said he wasn't interested, but then the said they had a message about eternal families and he stopped and listened. He was only baptized a year and a half ago.
I'm super excited to get out there and be a part of these people's conversions.

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